Welcome to Hong Kong!

It takes 1.5 hours to get to the Seoul airport from our hotel, but it was very easy – the airport bus has a special bus stop sign and it is only 2 blocks from our hotel. The fancier bus has seats that recline to about 20 degrees; it is almost like being in first class.

We flew Korean Air (yay SkyTeam!) and it was delightful. Our flight attendant was very attentive, always smiling brightly, and seemed genuinely concerned when we ordered the bibimbap for the in-flight meal. The bibimbap incidentally was amazing. It was light and fresh and very flavorful (left). Korean Air is going in the top 2 best airline meals ever, along with Kenyan Airways. Just a short 3.5 hour flight later, during which we flew right over Taipei (hello Taipei!), we arrive in Hong Kong.

Welcome to Hong Kong! It is very humid here and warm, and the city is almost shockingly filled with tall buildings. Out in the suburbs by the airport, we can already see clusters of identical apartment towers, all placed next to one another. It looks a little bit like a giant resort, but with hundreds of them all pushed together.

Our hotel is placed conveniently in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) on the Kowloon side of HK. After a quick break, we head out to look for dumplings. Hello Din Tai Fung! There are 5 Din Tai Fungs in HK alone, and 20 in the world. We went to the Silvercord TST Din Tai Fung, which was awarded a Michelin star in 2009 and remains on the Michelin Bib Gourmand list today. This is my 4th Din Tai Fun restaurant – previously Taiwan (the original!), Los Angeles, and Singapore. The soup dumplings here are world famous, with their 18-fold shapes. This restaurant even has illustrated instructions on eating them correctly, which is very helpful. 🙂 We also had the red bean paste buns for dessert. Yum!!

Our after dinner stroll around the TST was lit with many neon signs and filled with crowds of people. The air was still hazy, but you could see all the lights across the bay to the HK side. We hung out on the promenade for an hour with the gathering crowd for the 8 pm musical light show. The show was 10 minutes long; Hans’s favorite was the green laser lights flashing from the tops of the taller buildings.

The whole video is about 10 minutes long and a little wobbly, but you can see it here.

If you want to watch just a short clip, skip to the last 30 seconds.




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