Oslo: Day 2 – Part II

At the far tip of the Tjuvholmen island district, there is even a small diving board into a public swimming area in the harbor (left upper) as well as a cobblestone walkway and several bridges out to the Harborwalk (right upper and lower).

We walk from Infopunkt 4 to Infopunkt 8 (left). (Can you guess what Infopunkt means? 🙂 The entire route is marked in bright orange paint along the harbor (right), where several groups are fishing and families are out playing with their children. The route is punctuated by these matching orange mini shipping container signs.

Even the advertisements are amazing. Below left is a sign outside the Jarmann Restaurant and the sign on the right is from the fence of a construction site.

The area is a biking paradise, with some dedicated, bidirectional lanes and public bike rental racks every few blocks.

Street art abounds, and our walk was accompanied by the sound of a smooth saxaphone player floating over the harbor.

We found several pieces that seemed to be by the same artist. A google search reveals that these are all by a Norwegian artist Martin Whatson – he has an entire series of street art that can be seen on his website. These were some of our favorite street art pieces in Oslo:

The Akershus Fortress overlooks this area of the harbor (left) and we could hear the occasional ring of sword fighting from the Renaissance fair echoing from inside the fortress. On the right, you can see the harborwalk and Tjuvholmen island (in the area where the white arched roof is visible). On the far left of the right photo, you can just see a small triangular building across the water – this is the Fram Museum we visited earlier in the day.

Our evening in Oslo was capped by an evening boat cruise through the Oslo Fjord, with an included dinner of unlimited prawns, bread, and lemon. We sailed aboard the Johanna with about 30 other young adults and families. The sail was about 3 hours long and went into some fairly shallow waters in the fjord. To us, a lot of the sail was reminiscent of the lakes in Maine in the United States, with wooden houses lining the shores. The prawns were served throughout the middle of the cruise, and they were fresh and just lightly sweet. The fresh dill was a delightful addition.

Post-sail we had a drink and bruschetta at Olivia’s on the Harborwalk, followed by a late night walk back to our apartment. All in all, this was a lovely weekend, and we hope to see more of Norway in the future.



One thought on “Oslo: Day 2 – Part II

  1. Sarah May 31, 2016 / 10:42 pm

    Nice pictures! Tjuvholmen is such a great area 🙂


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