What to Pack: Weekend in Oslo

For this particular weekend at the end of May, the weather ranged from 50 – 65 degrees Fahrenheit / 10 – 18 degrees Celsius, and it was cloudy and a little windy during the day. Although the weather apps alarmingly predicted storms through the entire weekend, it only rained lightly and sporadically (Seattle-style, for those of you in the USA).

For this trip, we planned to explore Oslo primarily on foot, and did not have plans requiring dressier attire. In addition to the basics (like a toothbrush), this is what I packed:

  1. A medium sized backpack – I love this Marmot Kompressor Plus, which can be found on Amazon
  2. Good walking shoes – these New Balance Minimus trail runners have been to 6 continents in the last year
  3. One pair of jeans
  4. Light sweater and two T-shirts
  5. Rain shell – I brought this light one from North Face, which worked well
  6. Noise-cancelling headphones (seriously, they will change your life on long flights)
  7. Norway plug adapter
  8. Phone, camera, and chargers




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